We are happy to be joining our sister project Rebuild Project in attending the Joint Migration Policy Roundtable 2020, a 3-day closed event organized by the 6 projects funded under the call H2020-SC6-DT-MIGRATION-06-2018-2019. Rebuild Project, MIICT, Nadine project, MICADO, Welcome and EasyRights are Horizon 2020-co-funded initiatives who work towards the development of ICT-enabled solutions and toolkits for the implementation of inclusion policies by public administrations.

In this context, the 6 initiatives, together with their responsible project officers from the Research Executive Academy are hosting a closed Policy Roundtable event, targeted at the six projects consortia, their Expert and Advisory Boards and representatives from the European Commission, to tackle 3 key synergy pillars – the ICT component, the co-creation approach and the role of public authorities and policymakers in the delivery of digital public services to the migrants.

The online event consists of three sessions titled:

1. How can ICT support integration and digital public services delivery to migrants on a local level and what does that mean for the European digital transformation?

2. Can co-creation and participatory designs be successful approaches for developing tools and digital public services for migrants?

3. How can we improve the collaborations between policymakers and public authorities for supporting migrant integration and delivery of digital public services to migrants?

VVA representing the NADINE project will moderate the third session on 16th October. Stay tuned for the dissemination of the results!