Senior Consultant | Atos Mob : +33 (6) 84 68 30 63 |

Interest in the NADINE project

The H2020 NADINE project is related to my recent activities, and the ones to come in the next three years. I’m particularly interested in finding innovative tools to help professionals confronted with the language barrier.
In my last activities, I had to focus more on the techniques, less on the psychological, cultural and social aspects. The H2020 NADINE project gives me the opportunity to work on a more heuristic approach, with experts in many domains that weren’t covered in my recent experiences with Pôle Emploi.The H2020 NADINE project is acting on an European level, so this means that it gives a broader vision of what the problem is, and it’s more complex too. I’m really interested in comparing european and different national and local approaches.

I also would like to learn a bit more about the product itself (the software part of the NADINE project), and the way it could be promoted for external uses, with possible partnerships with companies (like Atos for example), or local associations working with migrants and facing issues when interpreting is needed but can’t be feasible.

Professional Background
● Former Developer and Software Architect
● Data Consultant for French Railways (2010 – 2018)
● Head of Innovation at Atos France for Pôle Emploi (French National Employment Agency, 2018 – 2020)
● Project Manager for ASAMLA (Health Association Migrants), in charge of innovation in medical and social interpreting (2020)

Areas of Expertise
● Advises decision makers and project managers
● Assists in the experimentation of innovative solutions that meet business needs
● Automatic translation for migrants
● Data Engineer (Big Data certified, Machine Learning certified)