NADINE partners CERTH have recently published the peer-reviewed publication ‘Combining ICT Technologies To Serve Societal Challenges’.

European counties continue to receive an increasing number of migrants and refugees from an also increasing number of both European and non-European countries. This results in a huge societal challenge which is societal inclusion of people speaking different languages and of diverse backgrounds. Key for their inclusion is job finding which comes with hurdles like the language, the difficulty in assessing and certifying their skills and many more. In this paper, we present the architecture of a novel platform that aspires to provide migrants with a) assistance in discovering and assessing their hard and soft skills by employing Artificial Intelligence technologies, b) recommendations of appropriate job sectors and positions based on their profile, c) recommendations about training that would allow them to find jobs in the country/region they are located and d) practical information regarding the integration process. Furthermore, the proposed platform aims at assisting host authorities, non-governmental organizations and companies in detecting the needs of the target populations (migrants and refugees) through data analytics and supports them in reaching them. Apart from the technical architecture, we provide the results from the initial testing of the platform in real-life pilots in two countries.

The publication can be viewed and downloaded from here.